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Our Scholarship Program offers high school seniors from Kenosha County an opportunity to earn a scholarship. Depending on funds available, secondary scholarships may also be awarded for runner-up students. 


Applicants related to a person holding membership in GFWC-KJWC during the five years prior to application are not eligible for consideration.


Our scholarship criteria are as follows:


  1. Must be a Kenosha County Resident

  2. Must attend a Kenosha County School (public or private)

  3. Minimum GPA of 3.4

  4. Must be seeking a four year college degree

  5. Our selections will be based on a total person concept, i.e. academics, community service and leadership.


If you are interested in applying for our scholarship, please download and complete the KJWC Scholarship Application. Upon completing the application, please sign and mail the application along with your transcript to the address noted on the application. You may also email the information to Deadline to submit applications is April 14, 2024.








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